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"Updated Frisco" House Renovation

lauren bell

Back in March we started updating what we're calling the "Updated Frisco" home in the suburbs of Dallas. We'll get more creative with the names the further down the road we get. The home had been a rental since 2008 when all the houses that were left were bought cheap by investors hoping to make their buck back in the resale later. Now, it is 2017 and the housing market here is INSANE. I'm not sure how it is around the rest of the US, but in Dallas, homes aren't even on the market for a day before there are multiple offers and high counter bids. It makes getting a house here tough! That being said, the investor asked us to renovate the bathrooms and close in the formal dining area to create a perfect little office. 

The "Updated Frisco" project is completed and the house is officially on the market. If you're on the lookout for a home in the Frisco area in the $399+ range, this is a beautiful home! New hardwoods downstairs with a beautiful wrapping staircase. Updated master bath with a beautiful frameless walk-in shower, and a matching soaker. The upstairs Jack-n-Jill bathroom and guest bath are all updated and look beautiful! Here are some finishing looks:

Custom Window Box

lauren bell

Hey all! Hope you had a GREAT Memorial Day weekend! I'm so thankful for the time we got to spend together as a family. I love Memorial Day because 90% of my family is Military - I'm thankful that we live in a place where Veterans are honored for their service. I'm grateful to them. I'm honored to be their family. 

I finished up a custom window box for a customer last week and it turned out perfect! The customer wanted it to match her house's current shutters in style and color. She had these window box ledges already there and I can only assume there was one there previously. Here's a picture:

I took the design ideas and dimensions and went home to work on it! Here's my blueprint. My husband LOVES when I sketch things out so that he can make this come to life. 

Here's some of the pre work:

I got it all painted and ready for install:

Alright!! Install time!!

Both the customer and I LOVED the way this turned out! Thanks for letting me bring your wishes come true! Such a great addition to their home!! 


Dresser Refresh

lauren bell

One of my favorite things to do is refresh pieces for customers. A neighbor contacted me about refinishing a chest that her mother had given her when she was a girl and she wanted to pass it down to her daughter! I can't wait to show you that piece! This week though, I finished two dressers with an Annie Sloan chalk paint finish with a black distress. Here is a before picture of one of the pieces:

I love being able to take things that people love and make them their favorite pieces! 

Here are the afters for that piece above:

Here is a second set of drawers she wanted done in addition!!

She loved how these turned out! I hope she sends me pictures with the new pulls she chose!!