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Beadboard Kitchen Renovation

lauren bell

We came back from our summer vacation to start on a new kitchen renovation. The client wanted to keep the existing footprint of their kitchen aside from one wall. They wanted to swing that wall out, creating an open space. We were going to build in the fridge and insert an exposed beam where the wall was. We've been doing a lot of these kitchen renovations that are minor upgrades. Keeping the existing floor plan and base cabinetry make such a difference without impeding on the cost of your renovation. Not every kitchen needs a full gut! If your cabinets are in good shape, we can easily reface them and update them with some paint. It lowers the cost of your renovation without cramping your style. 

The client requested shaker cabinets with a beadboard inset panel. Glass subway tile as a backsplash. Built in Microwave with floating wood shelves. 

We were keeping the original countertops that were replaced by the previous owner. This helped the customer save money on the renovation as well. They replaced the wood flooring after the renovation was completed. Hopefully, I'll grab an updated picture with the flooring and the new barn door for their pantry. 

Here are some before photos:

We started with the wall. Removed the existing door and frame and built a temporary wall to secure the ceiling before removing the wall. We added the beam and started demoing the upper cabinets and the bulkheads. Once we had an open and visible space, we started sanding down the lower cabinets. We sanded and primer-ed the lower cabinets and prepped them for paint. 

We installed the new upper cabinets and started painting. 

Once those were painted, we started on the glass backsplash. 

The final result was perfect! We love the basic and beautiful update. We were thrilled with the end result. This is proof that a simple upgrade can make a huge difference and investment in your home without breaking the bank. 


Extended Hex Addition

lauren bell

I'm skipping over some big projects we did this summer and through the end of the year to bring you this masterpiece. I've been sneak peeking it over on Instagram and Facebook but once I received the pictures shot by our fabulous friend and photographer, I knew I wouldn't be able to wait to show you these. We took inspiration from the incredibly talented Joanna Gaines and a bathroom she did on an episode of Fixer Upper a couple seasons ago. 

Lanier Inspiration.jpg

Our client loved this look and wanted to replicate it in their master bathroom. When they purchased their home, it had a tiny master bathroom. They knew they wanted to add on to enlarge the bathroom. Here's a before picture for reference.


As you can see, there was only room for a small toilet and vanity, and to the right of the door is the single stand-alone shower. We added 25 sq ft, which isn't much but the perfect amount to increase the space and give them everything they wanted. The exterior wall was removed and a new foundation was poured. Here are some pictures of the progress:

Once we finished the addition, we started working on the inside. New shower pan, new tile, new flooring. New toilet and vanity. Again, more project pictures. 

Last but not least, adding the shelves above the toilet from World Market and a beautiful mirror from Signature Hardware

I'll share the last little finish piece before we finalized this project. The exterior. Getting brick to match is probably the hardest part of this job. Here's a before and after of that exterior as well. 

OK, Okay. The moment you've all been waiting for. The reveal. And I'm thrilled to say it is BEAUTIFUL and we did not let you down! Thanks for the fabulous Paul Go Images for these beautiful shots! 


Thanks for reading this update and we hope you love the way this beautiful bathroom turned out! 

Hexagon Mosaic Bathroom Remodel

lauren bell

2017 (and probably 2018) was an amazing year for tile. Clients and designers branched out into the unknown in order to create stunning masterpieces in bathrooms. I generally try to stick with things that are simple and plain and can suit everyone's likes. Especially when it comes to re-sale. However, once I laid eyes on these tile I was done for. I knew I'd never go back to plain-jane anything. Once you see it too, I'm certain you'll join my side. Nero Marble and Carrara Marble. In a Hexagon (honeycomb) pattern. Oh my eyes. This is a tiny little bathroom in a home in West Dallas. It's a beautiful little pocket of original Dallas homes that are being torn down veraciously and this couple wants to keep their home and just add on! YAY FOR NOT TEARING DOWN EVERYTHING. Most of you know I'm partial to the renovation versus the new-build. 

Enough of my chatter. Here's the bathroom. 

Do you see that MOSAIC?!? Isn't it the most beautiful think you've ever seen?!? Just wait until you the next pictures! We had the tub refinished and refaced the built-in cabinets. We installed the new vanity and updated the painting and window. It's a beautiful bathroom. Bold and modern with a hint of nostalgia. I love it. They love it. You know, you love it.