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Angled-Enclosure with Barn Doors

lauren bell

This summer, we had a customer buy a new home JUST before they added another sweet baby to their brood! They bought a 3/2 and wanted to convert one of the living areas into a closed off guest room for when their families come to visit. They had an idea for a great bonus space outside the room with barn doors and shelving, that opened into the room. We made that dream become a reality. We're calling this the Angled Enclosure. Here's some in-progress pictures of the build:

The barn doors were made out of reclaimed wood from Home Depot. We've used the same wood for shutters before but they were PERFECT for this barn door project. We love the way this project turned out. Take a look and let us know your thoughts! 

They also wanted to add a mantle to their fireplace wall. We love that they chose the rough sewn wood look! 


New Walkway Construction

lauren bell

We got the privilege of working on the house that I grew up in recently. My grandfather has lived in the same house for the last 50 years and we get to call him neighbor. He's always wanted a walkway from his house to the alley (where we live in Texas, we have alleys between houses, where most of the garages are located!) He is loving his new walkway and the fact that he doesn't have to squish through the mud every time it rains. 

Beast of a Pavillion

lauren bell

This summer we created a HUGE pavilion for a customer. They wanted to extend their backyard space while still staying cool in the hot Texas sun. This was such a thing of beauty. I will also say it was one of the hardest designs to create yet. KB and I had many differences of opinions while building this. All that to say, we think it turned out great. Here's some pictures of the build:

The customers have been using the pavilion daily while their littles play. Luckily, they'll get a ton of use out of it over the next few months because it doesn't get cold for a few more months here. They've added a TV and have built a table to enjoy the space a little more.