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Southlake Utility Building

lauren bell

A neighborhood we've been working with had a pump station with a broken down shed surrounding it in the middle of their beautiful pond entrance. They wanted a new building - one that was beautiful and matched the rest of the outdoor area. 


A little house wrap and chopped stone go a long way!!


Double-Window Bathroom Renovation

lauren bell

In Dallas, the sunken tub was a norm in most homes built in the 50/60s. MOST of our clients want it gone, which is understandable. BUT with that space, comes many options. Keep the space and make a shower? Expand the space and make a shower? Turn it into a closet? Make up seating area? There are so many choices for what that space can house. One of our clients decided to remove it and expand it to create a double shower. It is STUNNING and we love the space it created for them. We turned their old shower (which was hidden behind a wall in the dark) into a second closet for their master bathroom. 

We love a good before shot! 


Large subway tile and a glass shower door will add brightness and openness to an enclosed space. 


Next up was grout and paint! We love this beautiful space and we know you will too!!


Marble-Lookalike Kitchen Renovation

lauren bell

Sometimes, all a kitchen needs is some paint, countertops, and backsplash. We recently updated this beautiful and simple kitchen. It's the perfect combination of clean and contemporary. We started with removing the existing backsplash and sink and preparing for the new counters. The space has a washer and dryer in it, so we created a hinged double-cabinet to hide them while they are not in use. 


We created a custom space above the fridge and installed the new countertops, new backsplash and new sink.