Carriage Hills Project

Friends, it has been too long. I’m so excited to share with you a project we’ve been working on for a looooong time. This full house renovation has been SUCH an accomplishment. Sarah Fultz Interiors designed this remodel and the sweet family who purchased the home asked us to do the hard work of making that dream come true. I sincerely hope we made all their dreams come true. This family has been patient and understanding as we finished the fine details and invaded every aspect of their lives for the last few months. We’re honestly so grateful and humbled that we would be asked to be a part of this project!

We had some fantastic “before” shots from the listing so you’ll find them here:

We have a ton of progress pictures. So many changes and so many updates! BUT there wasn’t a lot of “change”. A lot of paint. But no walls were moved. There were no changes to any structural pieces. Just aesthetics. When you see these finished images, you aren’t going to believe how much paint and an eye for detail can change a room.

The fabulous Mattie Gresham Photo took these outstanding photos for us and there are no words that I could write that would bring these photos justice. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy these shots.


Bluffview Bungalow

There is a little neighborhood in West Dallas that is literally being torn down every day. The homes were established in the late 1930s. Its a sprawling scenic neighborhood with natural hills an valleys and brand new multi-million dollars scattered all around the land. There are a few original homes still in the area and we had been asked to do a couple bathroom renovations in the area!

You’ve seen the Marble Hex Bathroom, now we’re bringing you the Bluffview Bungalow Bathroom. Here are the demo and build-out pictures.

Now that the messy stuff is all taken care of, here are the finished pictures of this beautiful new bathroom.


We love the way this beautiful bathroom turned out. The gray and white pieces work perfectly together to create a clean and crisp new space.

Wee Shed, They Shed

One of our favorite projects of 2018 was a beautiful They Shed which the clients are calling “Wee Shed”. We loved this project! Any projects where KB gets to use heavy machinery wins in our book! He even took our kids out on a little ride in the backhoe on digging day!

Our clients had a vision for a small area where they could relax, work, or enjoy alone time outside of their house. Here’s how it went down:

And because we’re a fun company, we made a couple time-lapse videos of the framing!

Okay, Okay. Enough with all the progress pictures. The thing you want to get it is the finished ones, right? Here it is!