Double Bathroom Renovation

When I start writing posts, I wonder how many other times I’ve used the exact same phrases and descriptions for each bathroom renovation. I feel like you can only have so many descriptors for bathtubs, showers, vanities, granite counter tops. They are either beautiful, stunning, outdated, or updated. So let’s see how many times I use the same descriptors in this post. About another bathroom renovation. See. There is one.

Sometimes you get to do more than one renovation at a time. NOT always. But it’s nice to be in a space, break up the team, and conquer two birds with one stone, as the saying goes.

Our customer wanted a master renovation and a guest bathroom renovation. He had the ability to move out during our short time there, so he wasn’t in need of a finished or even usable bathroom.

Bathroom number one was his master en-suite. Here are a couple before pictures before we get to the real deal!

Okay, here you are. The reveal ….


Thunder White Kitchen Renovation

You don’t always have to change the entire layout of your kitchen to make a big difference. Sometimes you can do very little but make a BIG change. We didn’t change the layout in this kitchen at all. We removed a wall allowing for the installation of a bar and visibility into their living space.

Here’s a before….


Here are some during images…..

Okay. This next one is drastic. Get ready.