Bathroom Renovation - Part Two: Tile!

So I assumed that once the demo was completed and we were starting to lay out exact plans that it would seem a little more real. It wasn't the case. BUT, once we started laying the tile, things just looked so perfect. Definitely what I wanted and expected. I knew very early on that White Subway tiles were an absolute must in the shower - so for the floors I had to choose something that wouldn't distract from the perfection that is subway tile but also something that looked great itself and was practically self-cleaning. The latter doesn't exist, but easy to clean was good enough for me. Because let's be honest. I've got two kids under 3. And I'd like to add more to our crew. But Momma's gotta clean. And it better not take all day. I digress. TILE! We chose a 1/4 inch thick white ceramic hexagon tile with a white grout. Side bar- My take on Cape Cod design is a little more clean than the 'average' Cape home - hence the white everything. Remind me to tell you about my capsule wardrobe. I have issues (obsessions) with basics. 

Look at those beautiful tiles! I was all heart-eyed-smiling the rest of the evening while my husband was laying them. My AMAZING husband is the one who does most of the work around here. ('Most' is equivalent to about 96%) I am pretty much the design and layout specialist in our duo. He's the one with the brute. I'll introduce you to him soon, if he'll let me. He had a huge business trip the next morning and spent his last night home for a week laying this tile so that it could set while he was away. He's really the best. Here are some more layouts/tile laying/grout pictures:

Once the floor was complete, it was time to start painting the walls. We went with a light blue, a very Cape blue (in my opinion) called 'Rainwashed' by Sherwin Williams. It's more blue than green. My plan for the master bath is 'Sea Salt' by Sherwin Williams so I didn't want it to be matching. I love the color. It goes perfect with the entire room. It fits perfectly into our Cape Cod Style bathroom/home. And really lights up the whole side of the house. Here is a painting picture (I definitely help out in this arena!):

That's all for now. Stay tuned for more bathroom updates. 

- Lauren

Next Up: Bathroom Renovation - Part Three: Vanity and Toilet Installation, Window Replacement