Double-Window Bathroom Renovation

In Dallas, the sunken tub was a norm in most homes built in the 50/60s. MOST of our clients want it gone, which is understandable. BUT with that space, comes many options. Keep the space and make a shower? Expand the space and make a shower? Turn it into a closet? Make up seating area? There are so many choices for what that space can house. One of our clients decided to remove it and expand it to create a double shower. It is STUNNING and we love the space it created for them. We turned their old shower (which was hidden behind a wall in the dark) into a second closet for their master bathroom. 

We love a good before shot! 


Large subway tile and a glass shower door will add brightness and openness to an enclosed space. 


Next up was grout and paint! We love this beautiful space and we know you will too!!