Periwinkle Bathroom

Last summer we completed a bathroom renovation that blew it outta the water. The original pink bathroom (which is incredibly common in Richardson these days) was built in 1960 and looked exactly as it did the day it was built. I would LOVE to sit down with the builders of the homes in Richardson from 1960 and ask what on the planet they were thinking. The minuscule tile used as vanity tops, the square ceramic tile in colors ranging from seafoam green to bright pink. All of these can be found in our neighborhood in Richardson. Obviously, with as many renovations as we’re doing, homeowners are NOT into these colors.


The green tile with the pink accents! the 60’s you guys were OFF the wheels. Okay. Enough of my commentary. Let’s talk about that RENO baby. Total gut. The subfloor below the stunning green tile was completely rotten. I would estimate 85% of the bathrooms in this area, have the same issue. Our neighborhood is built on a creek bed so there is a lot of run off and a lot of moisture.


Our client loved the finished look. We also added a ceiling mounted shower curtain, WHICH, KB has been trying to get me to use in a bathroom for years now. There is now, also, room between the toilet and the tub. That little pony wall makes all the difference in space.