Double Bathroom Renovation

When I start writing posts, I wonder how many other times I’ve used the exact same phrases and descriptions for each bathroom renovation. I feel like you can only have so many descriptors for bathtubs, showers, vanities, granite counter tops. They are either beautiful, stunning, outdated, or updated. So let’s see how many times I use the same descriptors in this post. About another bathroom renovation. See. There is one.

Sometimes you get to do more than one renovation at a time. NOT always. But it’s nice to be in a space, break up the team, and conquer two birds with one stone, as the saying goes.

Our customer wanted a master renovation and a guest bathroom renovation. He had the ability to move out during our short time there, so he wasn’t in need of a finished or even usable bathroom.

Bathroom number one was his master en-suite. Here are a couple before pictures before we get to the real deal!

Okay, here you are. The reveal ….