Hexagon Mosaic Bathroom Remodel

2017 (and probably 2018) was an amazing year for tile. Clients and designers branched out into the unknown in order to create stunning masterpieces in bathrooms. I generally try to stick with things that are simple and plain and can suit everyone's likes. Especially when it comes to re-sale. However, once I laid eyes on these tile I was done for. I knew I'd never go back to plain-jane anything. Once you see it too, I'm certain you'll join my side. Nero Marble and Carrara Marble. In a Hexagon (honeycomb) pattern. Oh my eyes. This is a tiny little bathroom in a home in West Dallas. It's a beautiful little pocket of original Dallas homes that are being torn down veraciously and this couple wants to keep their home and just add on! YAY FOR NOT TEARING DOWN EVERYTHING. Most of you know I'm partial to the renovation versus the new-build. 

Enough of my chatter. Here's the bathroom. 

Do you see that MOSAIC?!? Isn't it the most beautiful think you've ever seen?!? Just wait until you the next pictures! We had the tub refinished and refaced the built-in cabinets. We installed the new vanity and updated the painting and window. It's a beautiful bathroom. Bold and modern with a hint of nostalgia. I love it. They love it. You know, you love it.