Half Bath/Laundry Part Two: Finish Out

We last talked about our half/bath and left off with a new room and the flooring completed. But, there's still so much more! After tiling we went to work on the walls. Wainscoting was built in and painting started. We chose the same color we used for the kids rooms - Sherwin Williams "Crushed Ice" which paired well with the Extra White trim/wainscoting paint color. It was a perfect contrast to the floors too! 

Then we added the sink. My beautiful Alape vessel sink from Rejuvenation. We added a live shelf from our friends at @retimbertx which looks AMAZING. We bought a faucet from Wayfair that didn't work correctly so we "rigged" it to work. We installed the toilet and the washer and dryer and added a custom handmade (by us) barn door. 

We painted all the trim and wainscoting. We added a couple of shelves for the laundry side and hung a mirror we found antique shopping. (I love when I can find something perfect that's also really old!) Then boom. It was all done. Let me know what you think. And I'd love to see the projects that this room inspires!! 

- Lauren