60's Window Replacement

When we purchased our home, the first thing I knew that I wanted to do was to replace the windows. They are old 1960's black aluminum frame windows with panes. In other words - awful. They also run the entire length of the walls they are on - meaning that when you walk up to the window, the sill hits your shin. Every single time. OR, your 3 year old climbs onto it and dances for the whole neighborhood to see (true story!) So we ordered vinyl windows from Lowe's. They aren't SUPER expensive and they give the house a nice new look. Not to mention they are NEAR soundproof. It's amazing what we can/can't hear through them now. (EAGERLY anticipating the replacement of ALL of our windows now!!) First up was removing the old windows. Then to frame the new windows out. Once that was in place, we inserted the new windows and finished the framing around them. We wanted our Cape Cod style look - so we framed them out a little more than necessary. So thankful we did because it looks GREAT now. Then KB worked hard bricking up the remaining of the window that we shortened - no more window dancing for our daughter. Once he finished the bricking, he finished the moulding and the exterior framing and I "German Smeared" the brick to match the other brick surrounding. 

Here is our before and after - what do you think?!