Bathroom Renovation - Part Three (THE FINALE): Vanity and Toilet Installation, Window Replacement

Isn't that a catchy title? Who wants to see how a toilet get installed? Not me. I'm a snob about some things, I'll admit. One of them is my specific and demanded request to replace all of the toilets in our home upon purchasing. Somewhere down the line, I developed this crazy irrational fear of toilets and bathrooms. I don't like to touch them if anyone else has. It's not always this way. But have a serious phobia of standing in showers or sitting on a toilet that's not clean. Hear me out: I obviously shower and use the bathroom. I just sometimes close my eyes and pretend I'm in the middle of the rainforest and this is the best I can get. Or... maybe that's a bit exaggerated. Either way, I'm not writing a how-to on Toilet Installation. Unless you want that and then I'll ask KB. Because like I said the other day, he's the one that does it. Not me. After all of what you just read, do you HONESTLY think I would be the one to change that toilet out? No way. Not happening. Thank you JESUS for KB. (As I write, he is in the laundry room and by in I mean the floor. He's literally waist deep in our laundry room floor. He is working on plumbing for the laundry/half bath and hit one of the sewage lines. I'm way over here in our bedroom avoiding anything to do with that. He's literally walking around in waste. Someone stop me before I just keep writing about this nonsense.) 

A PICTURE of our new toilet and Vanity! WHHOOP! See. No how-to:


So perfect. I love the vanity so much. It's from Lowe's and was perfect. Soft-close drawers, Carrara Marble. It also weighs more than I do. Let's hope it still looks this beautiful in 20 years. 

Next was the window replacement. Our house was built in the 60's and all of our windows are the originals. They are all in desperate need of replacement. However, we're not wealthy. So we're going to have to do it a couple at a time. First up: bathroom. I knew I wanted a plantation shutter as the window treatment for the bathroom. It allows light in and is easy to close/open. It's SO easy to clean and keeps little fingerprints from getting all over the window itself. They aren't cheap either, but it's a must. We'll add them around the house too. We had to build out a frame we desired around the window. I went less 'Craftsman' and more 'Cape Cod' with the trim and I think with the shutter it works perfectly. 

We took the shutters off the front of the house. They will be replaced with brand new handmade wooden shutters once we've painted the outside brick.  Many moons from now. Next we had to tile the shower. Let me stop here a minute and just PRAISE on my husband. Yes, again. He's the BEST. He stayed up all night and woke up early when we had family in town and a very special birthday party for a special one-year-old to get this shower tiled and ready for use. Here are some glimpses into his tiling extravaganza:

We added bath fixtures and mounted towels. 

And then it was finished. Literally. Finished. And I praised GOD and then I did a happy dance. And then I bathed my kids in a brand new spanking bathtub. And it was glorious. You all should have seen E's face when she saw the bathroom complete. She was glowing with joy. 

And a little comparison for your pleasure:


Next Up: Fireplace Hearth/Mantle Creation