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About Us



The Chatham Collective is owned by us, the Bell family! 

L (4 years), Kris, E (5 years), Lauren, W (2 years), H (1 month!)

This has been a "pipe-dream" for us since we were married back in 2009. We love to work with our hands and to create something beautiful out of things. Renovation and restoration were how we first got started in this business.
I (Lauren) run everything you see here. Kris is the hands-on guy.  

Growing up, Kris was an apprentice with a local contractor and led crews in small town Pennsylvania. Kris moved to Dallas and worked in sales for the last 15 years as his full time endeavor. On the side for the last 8 years, we've been remodeling homes and helping friends with design consultations as well as running a busy custom woodwork business. 

We wanted to start this business first, to actually do what we love and second, to provide ethical and sustaining jobs for others. We wanted to provide jobs for those who have come to the US looking for work and a better opportunity for their families. When possible, we’ve hired refugees to work with and alongside our employees. It is our prayer and hope that we would be able to use our projects to provide for others: to teach them a skill/trade they could use, a stable and sustainable job that provides for their families, all while doing this job we love. 

The Chatham Collective.
What's all that about? Well... our favorite place is Chatham, Massachusetts. (Pronounced CHAT - HAM). It's our little place of solitude and sanctuary outside of Dallas. Not to mention it is beautiful (Our main page picture is taken from our favorite beach!)
The definition of "Collective" is denoting a number of  things considered as one group or whole - which in laymen terms means a group of things that are the same, but (could be) different. Collective for us is renovation and all that encompasses it. From custom barn doors/shutters, to bathroom remodels, all the way to full home renovations, and additions. 

Thank you for trusting us with your home renovations. We love to be able to be a part of what you're doing to beautify your home.

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